Generate and refine 2D unstructured triangular meshes with Julia.


TriangleMesh provides a Julia interface to Triangle written by J.R. Shewchuk. TriangleMesh does not come with any warranties. Also, note that TriangleMesh can be used according to the terms and conditions stated in the MIT license whereas Triangle does not. If you want to use Triangle for commercial purposes please contact the author.

TriangleMesh is written to provide a convenient mesh generation and (local) refinement tool for Delaunay and constraint Delaunay meshes for people working in numerical mathematics and related areas. So far we are not aware of a convenient tool in Julia that does this using polygons as input. For mesh generation from distance fields see the Meshing.jl package.

This tool covers large parts of the full functionality of Triangle but not all of it. If you have the impression that there is important functionality missing or if you found bugs, have any suggestions or criticism please open an issue on GitHub or contact me.

The convenience methods can be used without knowledge of Triangle but the interface also provides more advanced methods that allow to pass Triangle's command line switches. For their use the user is referred to Triangle's documentation.